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The Merk Bistro Italiano

Cuisine: Italian

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The Merk Bistro Italiano Catering Menu

The Merk Bistro Italianoo Catering Menu
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It is very difficult to find an authentic catering service provider who will match up to his word. Most of the time people come across posers who advertise themselves as an Italian Restaurant or Authentic Italian Food Catering Service and all one gets is a rip off from some recipe book. The Merk Bistro Italiano is a place which provides a high standard of service with equally high standard of food. Under the guidance of Executive Chef Brian Rutherford no order may it be for a food catering order or a corporate catering one, the people at Merk Bistro Italiano manage to deliver every single time.

As everyone is well aware that Italian cuisine can prove to be quite tricky… Even though the recipes might come across as simple a lot of diligence is required regarding the quantity and quality of the ingredients. Rather than getting the ingredients from far off places and compromising on their quality the people at Merk Bistro Italiano source most of the ingredients locally. This helps in ensuring that the client gets nothing but the best. The nature of the Italian cuisine makes it apt for a brunch or even a slightly heavy breakfast. Thus breakfast catering service orders too are entertained by Merk Bistro Italiano. Though it is a well established name, the restaurant and catering service does not shy away from café catering as well.

Good food is incomplete and cannot be completely enjoyed without a good glass of wine, Italian food especially. As a matter of fact the success and the final taste of the dish sometimes depend on the wine chosen. This is not a problem at Merk Bistro Italiano most of the dishes are already paired with wines like Merlot, Pinot Grigio by an expert sommelier along with the guidance of the chef. The base sauce along with the spices or the cheese used in the dish is also taken under consideration. Café catering or breakfast catering orders are affordable and a loot when compared to the price being paid for the quality of food. Along with traditional dishes Risotto Fritti they also offer innovative dishes like BBQ chicken pizza. Even when it comes to the desert section of the menu containing dishes like sweet pete and chocolate pig.

Customer satisfaction is at the helm of the essence of Merk Bistro Italiano. This is the primary reason behind the people at the restaurant welcoming personal wines. The list of menu does not end here with a huge array of spicy cocktails and drinks available too. The location of the restaurant has played a huge role in the evolution of the menu. Constant innovation has helped the people at Merk Bistro Italiano efficiently cater to the changing demands of the people.

The first step towards hiring the catering services by Merk Bistro Italiano for placing food catering, corporate catering orders etc, all one has to do is log on to and go through the instructions provided.